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 Love. Sex. Family. Friendship.

Reluctant to commit, Killian James has no fear of giving into her desires, even if it means waking up in the wrong bed. But, she hides her true self from her traditional family and most of her colleagues at Ohio Valley General where she works as an ER nurse, often getting into trouble for speaking her mind.

When she loses her beloved grandmother, Killian comes to realize that real love never dies and she is left to reevaluate what it means to be true to herself.

"A lesbian erotic Bridges of Madison County"--Preview

This novel contains explicit sexual content.

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Growing Wishbones is an American tale about the coming of age of two young women during the '70s and '80s. Living completely separate lives, they each face their own challenges until a web of lies and secrets brings them together. 

Jodi can't figure out why she's always felt different. Maybe it's because she's being raised in a conservative Midwestern town by a single mother and has no idea who her father is. Or maybe it's something else entirely. Her mother tries to give Jodi the best life she can while working the night shift as a nurse. Jodi lacks nothing, including fatherly support from her beloved Uncle Teddy, but she longs to know the identity of her real father. As she embarks on her own nursing career, Jodi begins to understand what makes her different and realizes the true meaning of family.

Melanie's family seems perfect to the outsider, but behind the walls of her suburban Florida home she endures life with an abusive father. Her cries for help go unnoticed until she escapes by marrying a good-natured young businessman. But marital bliss can't keep her personal demons at bay as she struggles with the aftershocks of her childhood. Her downward spiral is interrupted by a lifelong friend and Melanie discovers things she never thought possible.

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DERAILED: Living with Fibrosing Mediastinitis by TJ Askren, RN, BSN

A comprehensive guide to a rare condition called Fibrosing Mediastinitis, written for and by people with FM.

Discovering a lack of information and resources after she was diagnosed with fibrosing mediastinitis, T J Askren decided to write DERAILED as a guide to this rare, often misdiagnosed, disease. 
  • Explanations in layman's terms, including causes, diagnostic tools, treatments, anatomy/physiology.
  • People living with FM share their stories.
  • Glossary of terms 
  • Resources
Available in paperback and Kindle

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