T J Askren

It's 1973 and ten year-old Jodi Keane is beginning to ask questions about a father she's never known, a man whom she believes died in the Vietnam War. The only clue she has to his identity is a first name: Tony. But is it enough to help her find the father she longs to know? 

Meanwhile, 800 miles away, Melanie Byron has the perfect family: a mother, father, a younger brother and a nice home in Jacksonville, Florida. No one suspects what goes on behind closed doors where Melanie endures years of emotional and sexual abuse at the hands of her father.  As soon as she graduates from high school she escapes by marrying a good-natured young businessman, but the consequences of her abuse have taken their toll and she plunges into a downward spiral. 

An American Tale is the story of two young women, living separate lives, overcoming their own obstacles of growing up female during the 1970s and 1980s. It was a time when polite people didn’t talk about sexual abuse, sexual orientation, and unwed mothers, but as secrets begin to unravel, Melanie and Jodi discover things about themselves and each other. 


Askren's debut novel covers a wide range of emotional and geographical landscapes, following a complex network of characters to a surprising ending.

This book is very compelling, interest holding and a great read. I felt-- and you will also--the emotions of these women as they live through their journey...


DERAILED: Living with Fibrosing Mediastinitis 
by TJ Askren, RN, BSN

A comprehensive guide to a rare condition called Fibrosing Mediastinitis, written for and by people with FM.

Available through:


"A beautiful story of finding love, hanging on to it, and fighting for it."

"Entertaining, mysterious, and witty. Great book."

"Only disappointment was that I finished it so fast!"

"Totally engrossing book that will make you feel like you're right next to Killian in the E.R., at home, in bed, kitchen, neighborhoods, on the road."

"Great perspective on how generational prejudices can affect families. Highly recommend this book!"

"An amazing story about a young girl going through life and discovering herself and becoming the person she
wants to be. I found that I went through all the emotions with Killian, I even cried with her!"

Available in paperback and E-book

A highly provocative novel about sex, love, friendship and family
 Killian James loves all kinds of women, but she doesn't always consider the consequences of giving into her desires. Fearing rejection from her family, Killian hides her sexual orientation and maintains a façade for her colleagues at Ohio Valley General where she works as an emergency nurse.

 Her best friend, a straight man named Joel, knows everything about her and tries to steady Killian's moral compass by steering her towards women who are more available. 

Throughout her life, when faced with conflict, Killian sought solace with her grandmother, the only family member who knows her truth. When her beloved grandmother dies, Killian discovers family secrets that make her understand the importance of being true to oneself. 

Killian James takes you through her erotic and tender journey toward understanding that true love never dies and the importance of friendship and family. 


Download the ebook version of Killian James
at Smashwords for $1.99
This novel contains explicit adult subject matter

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